Tartan Tarmac Breakfast Meet

by Graham

Sunday the 25th of August saw the Tartan Tarmac Breakfast meet head to Larkhall Circuit. It was a beautiful morning and as this was our first Tartan Tarmac event we couldn't wait to get there. We arrived a little late after taking a wrong turn and heading the opposite way from the venue which took us ten minutes out our way before we were able to turn and head back in the right direction. We arrived at a busy car park full of awesome cars and lots of like minded car enthusiasts who seemed to be enjoying the sunshine as well as the cars. We parked the car and joined the queue to get a much needed morning coffee and a roll before heading into the crowds to catch up with friends and have a look at the beautiful cars that had turned up. We had just received our new flyers and business cards and we were eager to get them circulated. John had brought along the new Lamborghini SVJ and was gathering a fair bit of attention, the SVJ is such a beautiful colour and it looked stunning as the sun shone on the bodywork. It was a great morning and business wise a successful one as the flyers seemed to be going quickly and with a few new contacts we were more than happy. After a nice catch up and lots of photos of the cars on display it was time to head and as it was such a lovely day a BBQ was on the cards for the afternoon. We really enjoyed our first experience and can't wait for the next one which for us is the Tartan Tarmac BIG DAY OOT. Hope to see you guys there.


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