Silverstone race weekend

by Graham

So Silverstone race weekend started with great news that Graham Davidson and Jonny Adam secured Pole Position after a great qualifying session on the Saturday.

Sunday was race day and looked very promising with the car on Pole Position for what looked like a great day for racing.

Davidson went out for the first stint and after a rolling start he managed to keep position into the first corner and continued to lead the race. He displayed some great defensive driving which saw him hold onto first position until the end of his stint where he came in to pit for the driver swap over, some fresh tyres and fuel.

The second stint saw Jonny come out and join the race in 4th position to then take 3rd which he held until the end of his stint.

Graham came back out for the third stint and joined the race in 3rd and had a great drive holding position until pitting for Jonny to come out for the final stint.

The last part of the race saw some great action and nail biting edge of the seat stuff. Jonny drove a fantastic race gaining time on the race leaders knowing they still had to pit so every second counted towards where the race leaders would exit the pits back into the race. The hard work paid off and enough time was gained to see the race leaders join the race behind Jonny which meant Jonny had cruised into first place with 20mins or so to go. The cars behind were on fresh tyres and the number 6 Mercedes of Loggie and Mcleod put lots of pressure on “the big blue Aston” and with 4mins to go the pair came across a back marker which saw Jonny try to take the inside line while the Mercedes took the outside, with the back marker squeezed in the middle an error saw it clip the No 47 Aston Martin, sending the Aston into a spin and off the track damaging the suspension and ending its race, the Mercedes took off into the lead to win the race.

It was a very emotional race and saw what looked like a great victory for the team turn into a devastating end to the teams race. I was gutted for Graham, Jonny and the team as after a long hard race to see them walk away with nothing was hard to take as they deserved at least a podium position.

Racing can be a hard business and sometimes just when you think it’s your time, it’s taken away in the blink of an eye. Well now it’s onto the preparation for the next race and hopefully this will be the win the team deserve.


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