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Within this page you have the option to submit your plate for sale on our site.

Please choose from the list of selling options.

You can choose to enter a price that you are looking for, get a free valuation, upgrade to premium or choose to sell by auction.

When selling your plate with Reg Switch your plate will be advertised in our main sell page, this will have your own advert for buyers to view and we will make this eye catching with a picture of a car with your registration plate on it, this will be especially good when you are selling a plate for a particular car as we will make sure the car matches the plate you are selling. You always have the option to upgrade to our premium page or auctions page.

When your advert attracts a buyer we will contact you by your chosen contact method from your account to discuss your options.

You will have your own account when selling with us were you can log in to and manage your advert and as always we are here to help you with any queries, just click the contact us option within your account and we will have all your details ready to have a chat.

Selling options


Our basic package allows you to sell a plate at a fixed price in our main plate list. Here your plate will be displayed in the middle of the page along side other plates sharing the basic package.

Listing Charge1: Free
Commission Percentage2: 10% (which is added to your asking price)


Select auction to display your plate in the reg switch auction area. Here you'll have the opportunity receive bids for your plate so there is no limit on how much your plate can achieve. Enter your buy now price to define the minimum amount at which you would accept an immediate sale.

If your plate does not meet your minimum sales bid within 7 days the auction will end, you will have option to re-list the plate (half price) for a further 7 days or let the plate go back into the standard listing page with no charge.

Note: if a plate has almost reached its minimum price we will contact the seller and potential buyer (if possible) to negotiate a mutual price and reach a sale.

Listing Charge1: £10 per 7 Day Auction
Commission Percentage2: 10% (which is added to your asking price)


Our premium listings are ideal for drawing extra attention to your number plate. Ideal for the most desirable and high value registrations. When you select a premium listing your plate is placed on our premium page so that it’s set aside from all the buy now plates, it will also feature at the top of the websites homepage so that your plate is the first a visitor sees when browsing our website. We will also share your plate throughout our social media inc stories and your plate will be shared to the followers that the plate would be most suited. We will also mention your plate to potential buyers who we come across at our social events and regular monthly meets. We will also share your plate with our contacts in the motor industry so that your plate is mentioned when it has the potential to suit their customers.

Listing Charge1: £10

Commission Percentage2: 10% (which is added to your asking price)


Our Exclusive page is a great way to advertise if your plate looks better with extra spacing between characters to see a word or a collection of words that are not instantly apparent with regular spacing. This will allow you to advertise your number plate in a way that will show off your plate to it’s full potential and let customers see instantly what they might normally miss. Please get in touch if you would like to advertise your plate in this way. Exclusive plates will also get some of the same benefits as our premier plates such as advertised on social media which we will include in stories with the plate shown on a hand picked car picture to show it at its best. The plate will also be on a fresh page with other similar plates and we will also share it with our extensive list of customers who are looking for this style of number plate.

Listing Charge1: £10
Commission Percentage2: 10% (which is added to your asking price)

  1. One off charge to list plate on Reg Switch, payable at the checkout. Chargeable immedaitely regardless of whether plate eventually sells.
  2. Commission paid to reg switch upon confirmation of sale of your plate. Once we've received payment we will contact you to arrange the transfer of funds to your account. Funds transferred will be agreed in advance and will amount to the sale value minus our commission percentage.